The Reverend Jeff Sims, Stated Supply Pastor

Jeff Sims

Jeff grew up in Talladega, Alabama where faith, football and folks were things that mattered most.  He believes we never really move far from where we begin and continues to embrace his faith, football (futbol too) and folks.

Jeff’s faith has evolved over the years and he identifies as a Methobapyterianlic.  He was born to a Methodist Mother with a maiden name of Wesley and a Baptist Father, attended seminary with Baptists and Presbyterians in Richmond, Virginia, married a cradle-roll Catholic named, Erin and for a while sent his kids to an Episcopal Pre-school.  He is at best, Ecumenical and at worst, confused.

Jeff and Erin have been married for eleven years and they have three living children:  Addison (10), Caelyn (8) and Collin (2).  Eli, their other son was stillborn in June of 2014.  They live in Madisonville, Louisiana.