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What would Christianity be without Resurrection? It would be a first century philosophical school.  Christianity is alive and well.  It is alive and well at Covington Presbyterian Church.  

The Resurrection Fern  is a fascinating plant that’s common to these parts and the greater southeast.  It grows just outside CPC’s front door on “Presbyterian Oak” (what some of us have named our beautiful live oak).  Resurrection fern is an air plant that lives on the branches of cypress and live oak trees. Some worry that its presence harms the host tree. That is not true. The fern attaches itself to the branches and absorbs the water and nutrients that collect on the outer surface of bark. Resurrection fern can survive long periods without water and often it can appear dead. When water is present, it will open up and appears to resurrect itself. Hence the name, Resurrection Fern!

It reminds me of John 15:5. “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in Me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from Me you can do nothing.” Jesus is the true vine and we, followers, must abide in the love of Christ. It is my great hope that each time you pass by Presbyterian Oak, you will remember that we are similar to the Resurrection Fern.

We are resurrection people! Yes, perhaps there are times when we appear withered and even dead, but give us just a taste of water and watch us spring to live. The water that sustains us is the love of Jesus. So, let’s attach ourselves to others and show Christ’s great love, while we shine bright pointing the way to the true branch. The true branch of Christ.

Serving with You,


Where has the time gone? It has almost been eight months since I started my ministry here at CPC. It has been filled with learning, challenges, joyous times and of course difficult times. This is the way of life. We cannot escape life and all that it offers. I would not trade a moment of this experience. You have been my teachers and perhaps you have learned something from me. We are in this work together and I am grateful. As we enter this new year, I am encouraged by your service and commitment to your faith. May God continue to bless us all!

Thanks, jeff


The Presbyterian Campus Ministry (PCM) at Southeastern Louisiana University is excited to have gotten the year started.  SLU draws a large number of international students and this year is no exception. Many of these students arrived with only a few items due to airline restrictions.

Special thanks to the Battistella family with Covington Presbyterian Church who donated dishware and other household items that assisted over a dozen students.

Please let us know if you have unwanted items included chairs, small
tables for studying/ eating, twin beds, or bicycles. Thank you for demonstrating Christ’s love by serving others.  Also, if you would like to provide a meal and/or dessert for one of our Tuesday night dinners please email us at

Haley and Daniel Vanek


For years Elizabeth Tosterud was an important part of Covington Presbyterian Church.  She was musically gifted and taught herself to play the organ as well as compose several original pieces of music.  For 23 years was our organist and choir director. For now we pause and remember her and the contributions she made to CPC and the greater community. Elizabeth was a person of strong faith, quiet strength, generosity, gentleness and kindness. She touched our lives in many ways. She will certainly be missed by all who knew her.



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