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Lent 2018 is here!

It seems like only yesterday we were opening gifts at Christmas and preparing for the New Year.  Mardi Gras is here and we are but hours away from Lent.  Lent is a time of spiritual preparation.  It is a time to fast, pray, reflect, and act.  As we prepare ourselves to be the people of God, may we not grow weary loving God, ourselves, and others.  It is my hope that the spiritual preparation you undertake will point you back to the most important thing of all . . . Love.  Love is at the heart of things in this life!

Happy Lent and Much Love to All, jeff


2018 is here!

January is already upon us.  Many of CPC folks will begin 2018 at Solomon Episcopal Conference Center in Loranger, LA.  This is a time when our Church Officers will meet to fellowship and learn of their roles in 2018.  We have finished 2017 on a high note by celebrating Christmas and dreaming about all that 2018 holds.  We desire your prayer support and active involvement in the life of CPC as we undertake new tasks and ministries.  January worship will focus on the Mission and Ministry of Christ and how CPC plays a role in that work.  Come & see what 2018 holds for you & CPC!

Blessings, jeff


Approaching Four Months…
Where has the time gone? It has almost been four months since I started my ministry here at CPC. It has been filled with learning, challenges, joyous times and of course difficult times. This is the way of life. We cannot escape life and all that it offers. I would not trade a moment of this experience. You have been my teachers and perhaps you have learned something from me. We are in this work together and I am grateful. As we enter this new year, I am encouraged by your service and commitment to your faith. May God continue to bless us all!

Thanks, jeff


The Presbyterian Campus Ministry (PCM) at Southeastern Louisiana University is excited to have gotten the year started.  SLU draws a large number of international students and this year is no exception. Many of these students arrived with only a few items due to airline restrictions.

Special thanks to the Battistella family with Covington Presbyterian Church who donated dishware and other household items that assisted over a dozen students.

Please let us know if you have unwanted items included chairs, small
tables for studying/ eating, twin beds, or bicycles. Thank you for demonstrating Christ’s love by serving others.  Also, if you would like to provide a meal and/or dessert for one of our Tuesday night dinners please email us at

Haley and Daniel Vanek


Remembering Elizabeth Tosterud, our choir director and organist…

For years Elizabeth Tosterud was an important part of Covington Presbyterian Church.  She was musically gifted and taught herself to play the organ as well as compose several original pieces of music.  She also enjoyed studying and playing the violin.

Each month she crafted her Grace Notes in The Lamplighter highlighting special hymns, and for 23 years was our organist and choir director. For now we pause and remember her and the contributions she made to CPC and the greater community. Elizabeth was a person of strong faith, quiet strength, generosity, gentleness and kindness. She touched our lives in many ways. She will certainly be missed by all who knew her.