Our Staff

Jeff Sims, Stated Supply Pastor

Jeff grew up in Talladega, Alabama where faith, football and folks were things that mattered most.  He believes we never really move far from where we begin and continues to embrace his faith, football (futbol too) and folks.

Jeff’s faith has evolved over the years and he identifies as a Methobapyterianlic.  He was born to a Methodist Mother with a maiden name of Wesley and a Baptist Father, attended seminary with Baptists and Presbyterians in Richmond, Virginia, married a cradle-roll Catholic named, Erin and for a while sent his kids to an Episcopal Pre-school.  He is at best, Ecumenical and at worst, confused.

Jeff and Erin have been married for eleven years and they have three living children:  Addison (10), Caelyn (8) and Collin (2).  Eli, their other son was stillborn in June of 2014.  They live in Madisonville, Louisiana.



Jeanie Bazer, Secretary

Jeanie is a local gal who is from an old Covington family and has lived in Covington practically all her life.  She grew up attending Covington Presbyterian Church and is grateful for the foundation received there.

Jeanie has worked at Covington Presbyterian Church since 2003.  Prior to her employment at CPC, she worked for her family business, Marsolan Feed & Seed Store.  Later she worked in the antique world, employed at The Past Restored and also selling furniture and smalls on eBay for antique stores and individuals in Covington and the surrounding area.  As this was a part-time endeavor, Jeanie also worked for Northlake Dental Association as Executive Secretary, organizing CE events and other duties.

In 2009, she published a book, “Memom’s Diary” which is about her family, the Destrehans of River Road and the Harveys, who were responsible for building the Harvey Canal which expanded commerce through this waterway. There is a lot of Louisiana history involved in the book.  She also published a reference book that her husband, Phil Bazer, authored titled “New Orleans Cutlers Until the 1900s.”  Both books are in the Genealogy section of the St. Tammany Parish Library.  Jeanie loves working at Covington Presbyterian Church saying the people are friendly and like family to her.  She is in the office Tuesday – Thursday from 9AM until 2 PM.



Michelle Broadrick, Youth Director

Michelle was born and raised in Baton Rouge. She graduated from Southeastern and received her Masters from the University of Phoenix. Michelle has been married to Roy Broadrick for six years. Together combined they have four children; Taylor Sledge (14), Austin Sledge (13), Alexis Broadrick (24) and Brandon Broadrick (19).

They moved to Madisonville just two years ago and are now glad to call the North Shore their home.  Not long after they moved to Madisonville, Michelle lost her mind and started jogging. Being a very head strong person, Michelle took on the challenge, but quickly learned how challenging jogging can be. She has now completed a number of 5k, 10k races and two half marathons. She just recently started training for a marathons.

Michelle grew up at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge.  She attended youth and choir practices every Sunday afternoon. She went every summer to Camp Feliciana (Camp Agape), Pass Christian and 2 summers to Montreat. Now that her children are at the youth age to participate, Michelle wanted her children to experience the great joy she had during her church youth years. She is very excited to take on this new adventure and looking forward to working with the parents and children of CPC.



Dakota Jenkins, Choir Director
Dakota joined CPC on February 2, 2018.  Dakota is currently a Master’s of Music student at Southeastern Louisiana University studying Choral Direction.  Lion up! He loves playing piano and hanging out with friends.  Dakota is originally from Loranger, LA.



Erin Johnston, Children’s Director


Erin Johnston joined Covington Presbyterian Church in 2013 and was soon very involved in every aspect of the ministry. Erin and her husband, Jason, led previously the youth ministry at CPC.  Erin responded to CPC’s need of children’s director.  She is the perfect fit as demonstrated in the above picture. Erin’s desire to help these children grow closer to God is contagious.Erin is a native of Monroe, Louisiana and is married to Jason Johnston.  They have two boys, Levi and Miles.



Richard “Dick” Hastings, Bookkeeper

Dick  joined the staff at CPC on March 15, 2018 as bookkeeper for the second time.  He works at CPC when he is not working with Abita Springs Kindergarteners to improve their reading.




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